The Tellurian Artifice


19/5/1975 D.B.

The Tellurian Artifice is a small booklet written by Collette Bowyer in 1901. It is a collection of 19 passages based on Gnostic philosophy and some of her own notions. Largely ignored by the mainstream, the work steadily gained in notoriety throughout the 20th Century.

The Original Cover


The Tellurian Artifice was authored during Bowyer’s spiritual tour between 1897 and 1900. During this time, little is known of Bowyer’s whereabouts save for some scant sightings. It seems that during this time she was further exposed to the teachings of Theosophy, as well as other Eastern practices.

From her diary, we know she had something of a personal crisis on the eve of the new century. For the next year she became caught up in a series of lucid dreams and visions which became the basis of her work.


The Tellurian Artifice was printed in 1901. Only 200 booklets were made, and most of these ended up in the hands of local Theosophists, philosophers and friends of the author.


The 19 passages of The Tellurian Artifice are presented as follows:

The Gaol that is the World
The Little Sight
Bright Masks
Man in the Circle
The Window
The Angel
The Demon
The Fullness
The Divine Spark
God who is not God
The Great Fear
The Shadow
Many Paths
The Shared World
The Wall
The Stranger
The Doorway

Collette Bowyer

Collette Bowyer is venerated as the creator of the Circlar phenomenon. The publication of her pamphlet The Tellurian Artifice led to the dissemination of her theology and ideas.

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