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The Eidola are the villains of the piece. This is a general term spanning a great range of creatures in Bowyer’s Universe. The least of them are the humans who had rejected the Lie, and perhaps are in thrall to some of the higher-ups. SHe intimates that these collaborators further the goals of the Demiurge in return for material gain, ignoring the imprisoned status of the rest of humanity. Bowyer has a very low opinion of these people.

The lowest non-humans are also mentioned in the chapter called Bright Masks. These are the non-people, the humans that look human, but have no soul or thought other than to perpetuate the lie. These are the classic demons of temptation, seducing us into a life filled with physical pleasure.

A plethora of beings is hinted at here, all who may have a specific purpose to keep the Great Machine running smoothly. The highest of them all are the Little Makers, beings second only to the Demiurge in power and status. They are free to roam where they wish and have forged much of the myth and religion of human entirety. They are angels and demons, Gods and Goddesses, Kings, Queens, Emperors and Popes.

Regardless of any outward sign of benevolence, Bowyer reminds us that all the Eidola have one thing in common – the desire to perpetuate the enslavement and imprisonment of the human race.


Verse 1

From the outside, the skin of the Gaol was covered in creatures. They walked freely over its surface, tending the cracks that sometimes appeared. They fixed these with a mixture of will and guile, and they never tired of their work.

These are the Eidola.

Verse 2

The Eidola are many in form and variety. Their intelligence varies as does there true appearance. Some, like the Irin, are content to observe the illusion at work, until some inner voice commands them to fall one way or the other. These are higher beings, as they can choose their appearance, and have intelligence beyond our ken.

Verse 3

Some of the Eidola are little more than base creatures. They inhabit the illusion like watch-dogs, seeking out that which threatens the lie. They are multitudinous in design; one could be a mist in the night, where another could walk and talk like a man. But always they are revealed by their lack of humanity, and a primitive, animal intelligence which limits their motives and sensibilities.

Verse 4

The most damned, the most lost of all the Eidola are those humans who refuse the truth when it is placed before them. They turn away from their first step out of the Gaol, as it is a leap over an infinitely deep chasm. For some this is a conscious choice; they would rather live in blissful ignorance than face the ultimate horror of opening themselves to the nature of their existence. For others, there is little choice. They unconsciously block the light from their eyes when it shines upon them, as it is too bright for their minds to take.

Verse 5

Insidious are the servants of the Great Artificer. They whisper into the ears of humanity, cajoling them into acts that strengthen the Lie around them. They promise physical rewards, and there are those Humans who are enlightened to the truth, and yet choose material gain over their own spiritual journey. These are the Lords of the physical realm, raised on high by unseen hands; puppets and playthings of our Gaolers. They choose an eidolonic state, and also choose to further the imprisonment of other humans. They are to be reviled.

Verse 6

Raised amongst the Eidola are the ‘Little Makers’, second to the Great Artificer himself. They are as skilled in creating the Lie as their Father, and they share his goals and morality. But he has cast them off the leash, and they are free to roam the world pursuing their own agendas.

Some are almost benevolent. They aid humanity without going so far as to furthering the enlightenment of their slaves. Some cultivate and harvest the divine spark within us all, using diabolical methods to create situations of high emotion.

They have been known by many names throughout the ages. They are the Archangels, the Archons. They are demi-Gods and Godesses feeding off the worship of mortal men. In modern times they have become Emperors and Kings, politicians and generals.

Verse 7

Fear the Eidolon in all its forms, for it will enslave you and devour your brilliance.

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