What is this site?

The Strange Circle site is a world building project. It has a horror theme, and a mythos based on Gnostic lore. The aim is to create a ‘universe’ that creators, writers and artists can use as setting, inspiration and lore.

What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism is an ancient belief system with Jewish and Christian roots, but very different from their orthodox teachings.

Some key ideas are…

  • The World was created by ‘The Demiurge’. This is a being that was mistakenly created by a higher power named Sophia. The Demiurge mistakenly thinks he is God.
  • Humans are gifted with ‘the Divine Spark’, a piece of the Fullness that is the Universe (the true Godhead.)
  • The Demiurge seeks to entrap humans in the physical realm. He accomplished this through various systems designed to play upon the human psyche, and keep them subdued, happy, and compliant.
  • Humans can escape this existence and release their Divine Spark through Gnosis. Gnosis is a form of experiential wisdom which comes to those who are open to it. It is the bolt from the blue, the truth that rings out inside your soul, and the inspiration that comes from nowhere.

Wikipedia entry for Gnosticism.

Where can I learn about the details of the Strange Circle Universe?

The Circlopaedia is a wiki-based store of histories, biographies and myths that describe the Strange Circle Universe. It describes the various Circlar movements and events that define the mythos, mainly over the past 150 years.

This is a work in progress. If you want to get involved in adding to The Circlopaedia, please get in touch.

Can I set my story/poem/art in the Strange Circle universe?


That is the whole point of this project.

We ask two things:

  1. Please allow us to publish your work on this site. (You will retain all rights!)
  2. Please link back to this site if your work is published elsewhere.
What about the license on the Strange Circle Universe?

The Strange Circle Universe is a world building project with the aim that any creator can set their work in that world.

To this end, all the material on the Circlopaedia (which makes up the bulk of the description of the Strange Circle Universe) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means you can reference anything there, as long as you attribute this site, and/or link back to this site. ) See more information here.

Can you publish my story/poem/artwork on your site?


This is one of the main points of this project. We want to enable writers and creators to get their work seen.

There are a few guidelines, as follow:

Genre: This is a horror site. Some keywords that describe the type of work we want to publish: horror, mystery, dark, supernatural, occult, psychological, bloody…

Strange Circle Universe: It would be great if your work fit in with the Strange Circle Universe in some way. But its not a definite requisite. However, we wont publish items that use other specific worlds for their inspiration, like fan-fiction.

Quality: We are not going to critique the quality of your writing, but basic spelling and grammar is a must. Others can comment on your work, so it behooves you to showcase your best.

If you would like to submit something, please use the contact form.

What about the copyright on my work?

If we publish any of your work, you will retain whatever copyright/license you so desire.

This should be clearly stated on your work.

(For help with this, please use the contact form.)